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Truckee Lactation Consultants Provide the Help You Need

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Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things in the world – but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy. When you’re struggling with the postpartum reality of new parenthood, hormonal changes, and, very likely, sleep deprivation, breastfeeding can feel like a hopeless uphill battle. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Lactation consultants are postpartum professionals who have dedicated their careers to helping new moms navigate their breastfeeding journey. Whether you’re preparing for a new arrival or adjusting to life with your newborn, it’s never too early or too late to start working with a lactation consultant. So, here are a few fabulous Truckee lactation consultants to consider! 

Step Up Your Breastfeeding Journey With These Supportive Truckee Lactation Consultants

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Tahoe Forest Women’s Center

10121 Pine Avenue, Truckee, CA 96161

Tahoe Forest Women’s Center is an OB/GYN practice in Truckee that has delivered over 10,000 babies in the community since opening in 1984. Their medical staff consists of three physicians and an OB/GYN nurse practitioner, all of whom are passionate about providing women and their babies with the highest quality of care. The providers offer a full spectrum of gynecological and obstetrical services. As a pregnant patient of the practice, you’ll get to know each of the providers, so when the time comes to deliver your beautiful baby, you’ll be cared for by a professional that you know and trust. As members of the Tahoe Forest Health System, Tahoe Forest Women’s Center patients are able to receive postpartum support from Truckee lactation consultants at the Tahoe Forest Hospital. 

Sierra Lactation Care

Sierra Lactation Care is owned and operated by Meggie Roberts Inouye. She is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (PNP), Master of Nursing (MN), and Master in Public Health (MPH), who is currently studying to become an IBCLC. Her hands-on experience working with children and new moms, as well as her own motherhood journey, ultimately led her to discover her passion for helping breastfeeding moms navigate the challenges of nursing their babies. Meggie offers in-clinic and in-home consultations to accommodate busy schedules and the demands of life with a newborn. She can help you assess specific struggles that may be prohibiting an easy breastfeeding experience, providing you with a realistic and comprehensive plan for success. 

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Ohana Birth Services

Ohana Birth Services is a collection of prenatal, birth, and postpartum professionals who have come together to create a support system serving the community’s growing families. The three founders came together to collaboratively share their knowledge and experience as Truckee midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, and childbirth educators. So, whatever aspect of parenthood you need help with, someone on their team can step up to the challenge! Ohana’s Certified Lactation Consultant, Krystal Long, is prepared to provide an assessment and gentle guidance for an effective and individualized feeding plan that works best for you and your baby. From questions about pumping to assistance with latching and positioning to providing referrals to other healthcare professionals as necessary, Krystal is your resident expert and ultimate cheerleader in your breastfeeding journey. 

I Hope You Feel The Support From These Incredible Truckee Lactation Consultants

Breastfeeding is a whirlwind adventure you don’t have to tackle alone. If you’re struggling to breastfeed, wean, or pump for your baby, don’t hesitate to contact one of these Truckee lactation consultants. It’s literally their job to help make breastfeeding as positive and enjoyable as possible! 

Let’s chat if you’re looking for another way to create amazing memories with your little one! I’m a Truckee photographer as well as a mom myself. So, I know how quickly these years fly by. I want to ensure you have a gorgeous way to hang onto them forever. I’d love to talk and tell you more about my process. So contact me today to find out more!

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