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Find Fun Toys for Kids at Toys N More in Reno!

A mom and dad lean in for a kiss by a wooden fence in a field as their toddler son runs around them

As a kid, there’s nothing better than a toy store. As an adult, there’s nothing better than a toy store that was created with play, development, and education in mind! Toys N More in Reno provides families with education and STEM-based toys to make learning through play fun! It’s now Reno’s largest locally owned toy store and the perfect place to shop for a great birthday, holiday, or just-because gift. Read more to see why I love this store as both a parent and family photographer!

About Toys N More in Reno

Parents to three children of their own, founders John and Stefanie, created Toys N More after struggling to find their ideal toy store in Reno. Big box stores were too impersonal and offered little opportunity for kids to interact with toys prior to purchase. Plus, John and Stefanie were looking for toys that engaged their kids educationally but couldn’t seem to find the right products to encourage both play and development. So they set out to open the perfect toy store themselves, and thus Toys N More was born! 

As much as kids love visiting Toys N More, it’s also a parent’s dream. With an array of enriching toys, exceptional customer service, and a user-friendly store layout, every visit to Toys N More is exciting and engaging for kids and grown-ups alike. 

A mother and father kneel in a field playing and laughing with their toddler son before visiting Toys N More Reno


The inventory at Toys N More Reno is proof that educational toys don’t have to be boring. A large assortment of their inventory includes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skill-building qualities, getting kids excited to learn. Their toy designs encourage curiosity, creativity, and a love of play. All while helping little ones develop a love of learning. 

They took time to thoughtfully lay out and design the store for a shopping experience that is fun and engaging without being overwhelming or too crowded. Additionally, they built a specially designated space where little ones can “test drive” their toys to see which one(s) capture their attention the most. You can pull up a comfortable chair and sit back while your little ones play with toys like Hot Wheels, STEM educational toys, puzzles, and so much more. 

As of right now, you can only shop Toys N More in person at their store. But they’re working on building an online store where you can conveniently shop online from wherever in the world you may live!

A mom in a gold dress walks hand in hand with her husband and their toddler son through a field in the mountains before visiting Toys N More Reno


Toys N More isn’t just a place to shop for toys. It’s also a Reno birthday kid’s dream come true! Host your little one’s birthday at Toys N More! Where kids can play and have fun in their hands-on play section. The store is also home to a unique concept known as “Wish Boxes.” Which allows birthday kids to put together their own gift wish list. Your birthday kid can start by wandering the store and creating a list of the exact toys they want. The toys then sit in a Show-and-Tell Box. So party guests discreetly buy a gift they know for certain the birthday kid will love! 

Toys N More Reno

Toys N More Reno is the place to go for all of your toy shopping needs! Feel good about the toys you’re giving (or receiving!) when you buy them from Toys N More!

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